What an Amazing World!

Sumatra, about 60,000 – 70,000 years ago, the largest known explosive eruption on Earth in the last 25 million years occurred. Approximately 2,800 km3 of material was released and most of it was blown to the west.  According to some research and measurements, at one site in central India, the Toba ash layer today is up to 6 m thick. The eruption was so massive that it affected global climate and lowered temperature elsewhere on Earth.

Fast forward to more than sixty millennia later, I was sitting on a boat crossing the massive Lake Toba to get to Samosir Island. The landscape looks anything but menacing. It was such a picturesque sight with lush forest behind me and verdant island in front of me while the boat was going through the tranquil water of this expansive lake which sits on an ancient caldera. The air was so fresh and…

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